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Becoming an entrepreneur is dream of every MBA students, some can achieve it but for some it just passed away in their night dreams.
Only a finance student can tell you how to double their sweat earned money within minimum time.
When I was doing my MBA, I heard same thing every day from my friends, classmates, seniors or juniors that they have an idea of doing business but they don’t have that much amount of capital to invest. So their thinking was that they will save money for their business after serving for the 2-3 years and then they will start their own business.
But the things never gone like one thinks of that, as the days passed, dream to become an entrepreneur just become a dream as with a single day passed, bank balance don’t go up but what goes up is just responsibilities and risk taking capacity has gone down.
These things made me to think about these hurdles for starting a new company. I started trying to find out how one can come out from this situation?
And I started my own company, Intern Kings Services Private Limited.
Initially I was focusing on three questions:
1. How entrepreneur connect themselves with the relevant market?
2. How can one beat the costing of their own Company?
3. How can they run their company?
I target new management students who are going to start their new lives after the graduation and many of them will dream of opening a new company of their own. So I decided to provide internship to the Management student. During the study or internships they will able to connect with or understand the current market.
Now the main problem was how to connect the new generation with the current market to make them new entrepreneurs?
The best way to connect them, I guess, through sales and marketing, then I decided to provide internship in capital market. This is the only market where a student can contact a number of cash rich person and even they make money for themselves by learning various aspects of this capital market.
Now one is completely aware about the present market or say relevant market for their business, and also get a numbers of ideas for arranging finance to run their business but one problem was still there, that was, “ How to start the company? What is the procedure? What are government rules and regulations?”
Again this was my company who showed hands to those students to start their own company by providing all statutory and compliances services required to start a company.
We, the team of Intern Kings Services Private Limited, not only help to start their company but also provide hands in after incorporation problems.
From several compliances of different departments of Government of India, we provide services of maintain their records by preparing their accounts.
As of now, Intern Kings Services Private Limited is working as a single window from where one can avail internship and on the same hand one can get services required to start a new business.
The main point we have focused on is that in this modern era where everything is online, and no one has time to visit different offices for compliances, we have tried to reduce the paper work to the most.