Unlike any other management consultant, internkings offers specialized services of Ph.D. consultancy and research in the field of Corporate Finance, International Finance, Microfinance etc., all fields of marketing and human resource management, operations and other areas of management.


Here we offer the expert services of research and Ph.D. consultancy in the areas of Economics, History, Sociology, Political Science, English and psychology. The list of subjects is inclusive but not exhaustive.


Legal expertise in the field of corporate law, criminal law, Intellectual property Law, Hindu Law, Muslim law, Environmental law, Constitutional law etc is provided here. Law is the demand of the current decade and so we need to have more knowledge workers in the field. Here we provide Ph.D. and research consultancy to excel in this field and cater the need of society.


Technology is the back bone of any economy. The soceity needs more of the sophisticated engineers for a growing economy. Here at Internkings, we fulfill that need by offering the research and Ph.D. consultancy in CE, EE, ME, ECE, CSE, IT, EEE, EIE, IEEE etc.


The research in the field of science is very important for a developing economy. More nad more new developments are adding to this field everyday. Here we offer an expert services of Ph.D. and research consultancy on various topics of Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Chemistry etc.


Higher education has been always of importance to the society but at the same time the significance of school education can't be ignored. Considering the future of the nation, specialized Ph.d. and research consultancy in the field of education is provided here.


Struggling with your Research?

Across all subjects, our expert academicians from the top University in India and abroad offer you world-class PhD and research consultancy.


The expert services here for consultancy are offered at a very reasonable price of rupees thousand per consultancy. The charges for Ph.D., research and publication help starts from Rs.5,000 but may vary according to the stage chosen.
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Stage I
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  • Topic Selection
  • Problem Statement
  • Synopsis
Stage II
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  • Research Design, Questionnaire
  • Implementation, Data Analysis
  • Journal Papers
Stage II
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  • PhD Thesis Help
  • Proofreading
  • Editing & Review

The Process

Stage 1 - Topic Selection, Problem Statement, Synopsis

Stage 2 - Research Design, Questionnaire, Implementation, Data Analysis, Journal Papers

Stage 3 - PhD Thesis Help, Editing, Proofreading, Review

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Our Students are saying...



I feel extremely honoured and proud to be associated with Dr. Mrs. Ankita Shrivastava(Research Mentor InternKings), during the course of my Ph. D. in the year 2017. She has the distinction of being one among a very few research guide. Her contribution towards qualitative and empirical research has been exemplary. I had been fortunate to come in contact with her and she in all humility made me charter this complicated and turbulent course of research work. She has imbibed confidence in me and I feel deeply indebted to her for her guidance.

Pratiksha Dixit


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Patrick Peterson


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Jordan Varro
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