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Get the experience you need so that you don’t have to go to university for the job you want. We all know about the soar in tuition fees. Now, more than ever is probably the best time for you to get involved in an internship. Why not get paid to learn? It sounds like a sweet deal to me.

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Want to advance your career through an internship or training opportunity in the India?

Grow your career is a platform which provides Live Projects & Virtual Internships sourced
directly from the Industry to students-MBA, BBA, Engineering, Post-Grads Under-Grads.
99% of the are Virtual and hence can be done from anywhere in the country

Lets Get It Right

We are developing the first job search and career mapping platform of its kind
because we feel the current job market is unfair , money driven and not fit for
purpose , because we are the first we cant learn from anyone else’s mistakes.

To minimise mistakes and make sure we are giving you exactly what you need
to succeed we want to include you in the process.


Get started fast with this unique, pre-built Career.

Whether you are just leaving College or University and looking for a career path, a university graduate just entering your chosen profession or you have been in the job market a while, InternKings can be fully tailored to your all career needs.

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    InternKings Service Pvt Ltd
  • Standard and advanced formal features all in one system
    InternKigs platform supports any compliance course needs, going hand-in-hand with performance-driven learning. Administrators have complete control to create highly customizable reports to track and manage the outputs of any structured course.

    Pratik Chowdhury
    Arab International Company
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You can do it all with InternKings

  • InternKonnect

    General social networks or friends-based social networks are those that do not focus on a particular topic or niche, but rather put the emphasis on staying connected to your friends. The most popular of these are MySpace and Facebook, but there are a number of popular friends-based social networks, including InternKonnect social networks. Powered by Internkings Services Private Limited.

  • e-Learning Portal

    With a passion for learning, InternKings combines knowledge and experience, a consultative approach, creativity, and imagination to deliver award-winning e-learning content for some of the world’s leading organisations.
    Our team of experts will work in partnership with you to understand your workforce learning needs, identify the best-fit solution and deliver powerful, engaging content to make change happen.

  • Internship

    InternKings will tell you how your profile compares to job entry requirements both in qualifications and experience, you have the choice to apply for the job or gain the necessary qualifications and experience to get you there. Find live training opportunities, voluntary and internship opportunities (for the ever illusive experience) and jobs available wherever you are and apply for them all in the app.

  • Corporate Alliance

    Our clients have proven a direct correlation between user engagement and business performance. The InternKings analytics engine enables rich data visualisation through the creation of bespoke, fully customisable dashboards. So from boardroom to front line, every individual will have a view that is tailored for them

Exclusive training Programme for Students

For someone who feel classroom training in public batches will not give them a chance to clarify all their doubts, they can opt for our exclusive training program, wherein the student does not have to wait for his/her turn to seek an explanation. Individually trained students tend to perform better than their

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With Various MNC's

At internkings we offer a wide range of internship options in all the areas (sales, marketing, operations etc.) in insurance industry and help the interns to become a professional of insurance services.

Mutual Fund

Layout Possibilities

Mutual funds are the demand in the robust investment environment. More experts are required to make this investment opportunity available to the huge population of the country. By offering internship services in mutual fund industry, internkings helps in makings experts in this field.

Credit Cards

With leading Banks

The growing popularity of plastic money is giving a tremendous opportunity to the banks to make its reach to a nationwide population of the country. Here at internkings, we help the interns to understand the concept of plastic money and make it more popular in digital india.

Data Mining

Marketing Research

The digital India believes in technology, research and development of new products and services and creating its awareness. Here at internkings we offer the service of generating primary data which may act as potential leads through survey and promotions on the basis of clients and parteners relationship.


With Leading Brands

Promotion & Co branding Internkings affirms in co branding. We offer the facility of promotions of various products and services of reputed companies and helps in building the nationwide presence.


Research & Consultancy

Higher education in our country is in the developing stage as it is going through various reforms everyday. At internkings we offer research and Ph.D. consultancy in order to cater the needs of this developing intellectual economy.

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InternKings's purpose-driven connecting Student to Corporate
features will help propel your online presence
to the next level.

InternKings is the first learning platform to have social conversations embedded into the learning experience. With the introduction of InternKings Chat, all conversations can be continued and accessed within seconds. We believe that this is mission critical to capture both collaborative thinking and more structured 121 conversations within organisations.

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